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Gigi's Pups


Karen - Larry

Here's a pic of another satisfied customer.. Meet "Larry"

Allison in California - Stella

Thank you for making such a wonderful product! The Sleepypod Mini I bought for my kitten, Stella, is by far the best investment I made for her. I picked her up from the rescue in it, and she has flown in it from Los Angeles to Boston to San Francisco and back home. It is also her shelter in the vet's office if she is afraid. But, I love it the most when I find her in there just napping away (which she does a couple times a day). We received several pet beds as gifts, but she has never touched them -she only likes the Sleepypod! Stella has grown from 2 lbs to 9 lbs, and still fits in the Sleepypod Mini comfortably. I couldn't be more satisfied. 11 months old, and she still loves her Sleepypod Mini. It is such a fantastic product! Now that she is over the recommended weight size and cannot really stretch out, I will happily purchase the Air or Atom. I don't think she will let go of her Mini though!


Susan and the Bluebell Cotons

Our bags arrived! We love them & we are ready to ride! (to the vet today in our new bag!)

May in Canada

We bought this 6 months before our trip to get our 14lb porkie (pekingese yorkie cross) used to it and he never really did use it so we were scared boarding our Air Canada flight from Grand Cayman to Toronto to Vancouver. As soon as we got to the airport and told him to go inside- BAM - he'd walk in there and lay down! We were thrilled. The bag appeared to be a bit small for him but it fit perfectly. Snug, just the way he likes it and enough for him to stretch his legs and turn around. There was a good amount of space for him to lay down and the entire flight we left the flap open and clasped to the roof (thoughtful idea). I found the Sleepypod to be thoughtfully made from the removable cushions from all 3 compartments on the bottom to the well constructed walls and base. Thanks and I will definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone who travels with a small pet!

Deborah & Arn - Caraluna & Novia


A couple of months ago, we purchased a Sleepypod for our two kittens. We figured they would share it while they were little and we would see how they liked it. Well, after a lot of battles over who had FULL possession of the Sleepypod, we decided to order a second one. While they each have their own and the battles have ceased, they spend a lot of together in one Sleepypod. I have attached two photos. In the first photo, you'll see that Novia is sleeping while Caraluna is doing her best impression of a hyena (or so we think). In the second photo, they are enjoying their window view.

The Sleepypod has been a big hit at home and on trips to the vet. In three weeks, we will be making the maiden road trip with the Sleepypods as Caraluna and Novia learn to be road warriors. Thanks so much for the creative design and functionality of the Sleepypod.

Take care,
Deborah & Arn (Seattle, WA)....and of course,
Caraluna (which means "moon face" in Spanish) and Novia (which means "Girlfriend")


My dogs love their pod! It's the only pet-dedicated bed they sleep in.

Risa in New Jersey - Zoe

It was getting harder and harder to get my kitty Zoe into her carrier. Someone suggested the Sleepypod and I am eternally grateful! What a fantastic idea! Not only does it make traveling by car super easy, especially since she can ride in the front seat and I can pet her through the top of the dome, but she also snoozes for hours in her pod every day. Today, I have workers in my house so I've put Zoe in her Sleepypod, and she is sitting here on the kitchen table next to me while I work from home. She is very calm and not clawing and meowing like she used to in her old plastic carrier. I can't say enough great things about the Sleepypod. They are a necessity for all cat owners. Thank you, Sleepypod!

Lexie at Happy Strays Rescue in California

We would just like to thank you for sending us the 2 wonderful Sleepypods! We have already put great use to them and our kitties seem happier than ever before! Now instead of having a blanket in the inside, they feel comfortable in a bed like environment which makes it easier for us.

These were greatly appreciated and we are very honored to have them.

Thank you!

Jenn in Washington

I just want to say thanks for this amazing product. Not only is it super kitten-friendly but it has proven to be the best purchase I've ever made as an animal owner. We've taken our new kitten on her first plane ride with it and I'm amazed at how smoothly things went because of the Sleepypod Air. It proved to be incredibly sturdy and also pretty stylish to carry around! It's so full of features also. Like everything was thought of and built in before I knew I'd even need it. Our vet office oogled the carrier when we took our kitten, Absinthe, in for a checkup. They were quite keen to see such a nice carrier that they could recommend to other animal lovers. I think my vet is even going to purchase one for his own cats. :)

Thank you Sleepypod!

PS: Here is Alyssa and Truffle's winning entry → Truffle Wants a Sleepypod Air

Alyssa in California

Truffle and I received the Sleepypod Air and are THRILLED with it. The quality is superb and Truffle has really taken to it! She especially loves the Orange Dream color!

Please click on the link below to see pictures of her exploring the Sleepypod Air. On the bottom left of the page you will find a link, "See Truffle exploring her new Sleepypod Air." → A Postcard from Truffle

Again, thank you so much for sponsoring this contest on Dog Jaunt and Will My Dog Hate Me. We are so grateful and look forward to many happy trips with the Sleepypod Air!

Alyssa & Truffle

PS: Here is Alyssa and Truffle's winning entry → Truffle Wants a Sleepypod Air

Brigitte in San Francisco

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your products. Currently I have two Sleepypods, one Crater Dot and one Air. The sleepypods have been wonderful for my kittens when growing up and taking to the vet for vaccinations. Out in the house, the adult cats compete to all fit in them to snuggle down for naps, even my beagle crams himself into a tight circle to sleep in one. On that note, a slightly larger version just as a cat bed would be great! The Crater Dot is looking popular now too, especially now that I found the warmer unit to add to it. And the Air carrier was an immediate hit. I was recently at a cat show and when in the hotel room with my three cats, I had three carriers lined up of which one was the Air carrier. That was the one they all tried to be in and that made it difficult as I have Savannahs and really only one adult Savannah fits into it at one time.

I love the design of them all, very clever and practical, but also very well made and resilient with use. Thank you!

→ Kirembo Savannahs

Michael & Debby in Hong Kong - Miu Miu

Here are a few snapshots of miu miu in her sleepypod air. She really likes it and we love it too. It looks so cool in orange and it is so well designed and crafted. I'd say this is the best pet carrier that I have seen.

Please say hello to rawl rawl from miu miu!

Hello from Hong Kong,

Michael & Debby

Katherine in California - Pinky

Lauren in Pennsylvania

After being a dog owner my whole life and recently rescuing two cats. Sleepypod is a wonderful product! I like the safety it provides during travel and my felines very much in enjoy its comfort. My youngest recently arrived at the vet to be spayed and the staff liked the carrier so much they googled your company. I know my felines will enjoy the second pod I just ordered for our up coming move. Thanks again for a great product!

Brigitte in San Francisco

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your products. Currently I have two Sleepypods, one Crater Dot and one Air. The sleepypods have been wonderful for my kittens when growing up and taking to the vet for vaccinations. Out in the house, the adult cats compete to all fit in them to snuggle down for naps, even my beagle crams himself into a tight circle to sleep in one. On that note, a slightly larger version just as a cat bed would be great! The Crater Dot is looking popular now too, especially now that I found the warmer unit to add to it. And the Air carrier was an immediate hit. I was recently at a cat show and when in the hotel room with my three cats, I had three carriers lined up of which one was the Air carrier. That was the one they all tried to be in and that made it difficult as I have Savannahs and really only one adult Savannah fits into it at one time.

I love the design of them all, very clever and practical, but also very well made and resilient with use. Thank you!

Hillary in Las Vegas

I bought the Sleepypod Air for my Chihuahua's for Christmas. They had to go on a really long flight from the West Coast to the East Coast (6+ hrs)and back again a few weeks later. They both fit with tons of room, and I did not hear one peep from them the ENTIRE flight(s). The outside is a really unique color, and the inside is plush and soft. The material is very durable and it is so cool how it expands to different lengths. On one flight they had an accident, but the Sleepypod was really easy to clean, I just threw the machine washable part in the dryer and cleaned the rest by hand. Now I bring them everywhere in it because I can strap them in the car and I know that they're safe. They absolutely LOVE it!!!! The minute I get it out they get really excited and jump around and hop right in. Each time it's a new adventure in the Sleepypod and they can't get enough. They play in it together, it is so funny. Even after we get home from being out all day, they stay in their Pod and won't come out unless I coax them with a treat or toy (LOL). All in all, the Sleepypod Air is VERY nice! I want the round one because they love the Air so much. I've never seen anything like it. If anyone is thinking about getting the Sleepypod air, get it, your pet with thank you because you are giving them ultimate comfort, luxury, and safety on the go. My Chihuahua's thank you Sleepypod!!!!

Camilla in Oslo

I bought a Sleepypod just this weekend and took it over to the breeder where my cat will be for another week. I thought it was a good idea to get him used to it before leaving his mommy and old home. The breeder sent me the picture the next morning saying: look -he's sleeping in his new bed! Hopefully he will keep liking it :)

Camilla in Oslo, Norway

Corinne in California - Polie

Hello Sleepypod People & Pets-

I bought my cat Polie a Sleepypod a little over a year ago for a road trip we were taking. Since then she has not only traveled thousands of miles by car but also spends a great deal of her waking hours curled up in her 'pod'. I've attached a photo I took of her today camped out in the 'pod'.


Isabel Pomphrey

The Sleepypod is a wonderful addition to my family of cats! I love the fact that it accommodates both kittens and adult cats. I use it to transport my cats to both cat shows and personal appearances. The unit has a pliable zipper which allows cats of all breeds to have the freedom of not getting their fur caught in the zipper. My cats love the shearling hammock and the warmer. It keeps them cozy and warm while on the road. I am really impressed with the mesh removable top which gives the kitty a perfect view while giving him a secure feeling. I prefer the Sleepypod to regular carriers made out of plastic. They are hard and cats can become jostled inside while in transported. I have used it on airplanes and seat belted in my car. This system is excellent to use with kittens. They love the curved pod because it reminds them of being with their mother and the hammock Is perfect for kneading! Thank you for giving us this new revolutionary system that benefits both cats and humans alike.

Isabel Pomphrey
Cat Behaviorist & Animal Communicator

Taylor and Alexander in Zürich - Klösti

Hi Sleepypod!

HOLY SMOKES! I ordered the Sleepypod Air last month, and just flew from Minnesota to Switzerland with my 5 month old Klee Kai on Sunday. He REFUSED to leave his cherry red pod the entire time, he even sleeps in it in our apartment--it is the BEST buy I've come across in a LONG time! He was relaxed and "at home" in his little den below my seat for the entire trip, I am so happy you guys made this! And, you're right, it does fit under any seat, and that mesh on the top? Fabulous feature, you can see your pup regardless of the vantage point, no pulling the carrier out from under you waking him up, so spinning him around, Air is pure heaven!

I only have this picture, as I forgot my camera at my parents' place in Minnesota, but this is a picture of our babe sleeping in his Pod a few days before leaving (wonderful tip to get your guy used to it before departure).

Thank you forever and ever!

Taylor and Alexander (and Klösti the puppy)
Zürich, Switzerland


I flew Delta airlines from Minneapolis to Zürich, it's not the nicest airline, but their pet travel policy was fantastic, there were two other dogs on that flight as well. They insisted that he and his Pod be no more than 40 pounds together and that he stay in his carrier the entire way.

Minneapolis to Atlanta was 2 hours and Atlanta to Zürich was a bit over 9, with layovers and customs, etc., the whole journey was about 17 hours. Like I said, he stayed in his Sleepypod Air the ENTIRE time, wouldn't even budge when I gave him the chance to run around during our layover. Ha!

Oh, and I now use it on the trains here, the conductors love it as it fits under all European train seats and I don't have to pay for an extra ticket for him. Hooray!

Have a good week,


Bob - Maebe

Dear Sleepypod,

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed using our Sleepypod Air on our holiday travels throughout the northeast US. Also our dog Maebe (long-haired red mini dachshund, 11 weeks old) loves it as her safe place.

We used it on the flights (naturally), in the car (over 1000 miles!) and she slept in it at night. I also use it every day bringing her to/from work and sincerely appreciate the design and attention to detail of this product.

Attached is a pic of her snoozing in it on my desk just a few minutes ago.

Thanks again for such a great product!


Pat in Texas - Gracee

Thought you might like to see My baby Gracee in her Sleepypod Mini. We will be leaving for Wisconsin Friday and she will be trying it out on the airplane!

This is her at work telling everyone all about it! She had her pen ready to write you herself but I told her I would let you know for her!

Susan in Florida - Jasmine

Which is the stuffed toy?

We bought this for our cat, but Jasmine loves it so much she puts her toys in the Sleepypod and relaxes with them!

Calvin in Hong Kong - Baby

I've read about all the rave reviews on the internet about the Sleepypod. I was quite skeptical at first, thinking that it is just one of those expensive pet beds with a dome where you could take your cat out for a walk or to the vet. I live in Hong Kong and to my surprise, it was pretty easy for me to get the Sleepypod. I got the large size. I have to say I am surprised by the quality of the product and the packing. It comes with a color instruction sheet which is helpful. I've laid the sleepypod on my sofa and within half an hour my cat was happily laying inside it. That night, and every night ever since, she enjoyed her sleep in the Sleepypod very much; not to mention those afternoon naps as well. I have yet to take the Sleepypod out but the design where I could wrap the car's seatbelt about the pod is great. I had other pet carriers where they fell down the seat when I braked hard. It is great for the safety of the pet while traveling in the car. All in all, great product. I am now a believer of the hype and rave reviews about this product. Highly recommended!

Thanks Sleepypod!



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Kirk - Cody

Just got the unit and Cody is enjoying a nice gnaw of the packaging. I am sure he will warm to the pod.

I wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the obvious care and quality in the construction, and the thoughtfulness of the product design.

The packaging achieved everything you clearly worked hard for it to do. The presentation is the equal of Pillar (Perfect Pet Feeder) and rivals Apple's packaging.

Sleepypod is one of those extravagant purchases where I believe I got entirely my money's worth. I look forward to years of use.

Thank you.


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Susan - Beau

Beau loves it!

No more countin' sheep for Beau!

What a great Valentine gift! My new Sleepypod bed!

I love my new Sleepypod... it's sweet dreams for sure!

Carol in DC - Jake & Maus - One year later!

I know you already have a picture of my cats, but I still wanted to show you that after one year, they still love their Sleepypod.

Carol, Jake & Maus

Melissa in New South Wales - Poppy, Tao and Winston

My sleepypod arrived today and as you can see I can't get my beautiful cats out of it. They love it and so do I. They all fit in really well-even Winston (the big grey boy). Thank you very much.

As I run a cattery, I will be telling clients about the sleepypod, so hopefully you will get some more business from here in Australia. Thanks again.

All the best Melissa.

Cybelle and Davide in San Francisco - Zidane and Dexter

Our Abyssinian kittens Zidane and Dexter simply love their Sleepypods. They both get right in by themselves when it's time to go to the vet. It's pretty amazing. The top of the Sleepypod is also a favorite play spot for both of them. They spend hours playing in the top unzipped and laying on the floor, hoping in and out with toys. And of course, nap-time is usually in the Sleepypod.

Zidane is the bigger kitten and Dex is his new little brother.

Thanks for inventing the sleepypod!

All the best,
Cybelle & Davide
San Francisco

Heather in Toronto

Here are a couple of shots of the boys in their Sleepypods. They use them as beds and play with them as well as for travel. Love them so much I got 4 more.

Dianne and Daniel in Australia - Max

Hi Meowme,
Well as you can see our boy Max has grown since our last email to you.......
but he still loves his little Sleepypod, even though the pod is getting a little too little for him!

We take him to work with us everyday, so he doesn't get lonely and he loves the car drive. Every single day when he gets sleepy he puts himself in the pod [next to me] and curls up like a little squirrel. He loves it with the lid on so its all dark & cosy! But as you saw, it is getting a little squeezy in there! We also use the Sleepypod for transporting him from the office to the car and around about. The pod has been an all time great investment.

He is only 9 months old, still a baby and weighs in at 5.5 kg [12.1 pounds]. His dad was 7.5 kg [16.5 pounds], but of course Max has been desexed so we are not too sure how much bigger we can expect him to grow. We love him to bits.

...oh and the Cloudpuff, he drags it with him everywhere, that's it in the Sleepypod together with his favorite home made knit.
I think we are at pod capacity!

dianne, daniel and max

Jen in San Jose - Zoe

I just wanted to send you guys a thank you note for providing such a wonderful product! My yorkie LOVES her Sleepypod and sleeps in it every chance she gets. It makes traveling in the car so much more pleasant for her too!! I've attached a picture of her enjoying her time in it :)


Becky - Teddy

Hello, I just purchased one of your Sleepypods at the Pet Expo on Saturday. By that evening my Yorkie Puppy Teddy was sleeping in it! He loves it so much. While he is in it he is able to watch me as it is circular and he does not have to move his body, just his little head. I purchased the blue one with the heated pad and today Monday I brought Teddy to work using the sleepypod in my car. From home to car to my office! And he felt so at ease!

I just had to write and tell you how happy I am with the pod.
Thank you for the demonstration at the Expo and for taking the time to find the car adapter. I will recommend this to others! It is GREAT!


Carol in DC - Jake & Maus

In an effort to keep my mutant cats warm, I've tried some unique products and techniques; steam tents, micro-waved this and that, water bottles, sweaters, blankets, etc. I even redirected the vents in my condo and kept the TVs on so they could lay out when the weather was cool.

My local pet supply shop called about the Sleepypod. My LPS (The Big Bad Woof) is great to me and my furry kids, but, I didn't buy it at that time thinking that it was a little extravagant and I must admit I was nervous about something that they slept in being hooked up to an electrical current. So I stared at it for a year, watched as new colors were introduced, did some research and comparisons, but still didn't get one, that was until a week ago.

What was I thinking? I should have done this when they first came out, it would have saved me so much time. They LOVE it. I couldn't get them to get out of it except to eat and take a dump for the first three days! As soon as you start to offer a warming pad for a mini, I will buy two more so each can have their own and will stop jockeying for positions in the one.

On behalf of my Cats I thank you so much for a wonder product and idea.

Carol, Jake & Maus

Dianne and Daniel in Australia - Max

Just a small note to say that the sleepypod is the best!

Our new little kitten travels no problems at all in the pod and loves the zippers to boot.

He also loves the pod to jump into when sleepy during the day and collects his favorite toys to play with and store in his pod for emergencies.

We also wish to thank you for your excellent service which matches the beautiful quality and design of the product.

Best regards,
Dianne, Daniel & Max [one relaxed kitten]

Lynda and Gordon in Salinas - Sabrina

Sabrina loves her awesome Christmas gift!
This 15 year old cat spends a good portion of the day snuggled up in her heated Sleepypod bed next to her favorite meowme blanket.

Manon in Quebec - Alexie

salut je suis manon je vit au quebec et je suis tres sastisfaite de mon sleepypod et alexie aussi voici la preuve merci encore ca vaut la peine

Kelly in Iowa

I bought a chocolate colored Sleepypod and ordered a Red one at this past weekends Trade show in Chicago.

I used it to take my new pup to a meeting of my dog club on Saturday evening.

Everyone at the meeting LOVED it!

I had originally ordered the Red one for a charity auction, BUT I think I just might have to keep that one as well.

I still think that your product beat all the others at the Tradeshow hands down.


Kaye - Seri


Bud won the Sleepypod in the raffle held at the Central Carolina Veterinary Hospital and 24 Hour Animal Emergency Hospital's 4th Annual Charity Dog Wash and Rabies Clinic in Burlington, NC on August 18, 2007.

Lavell in Connecticut - Caillou

I just wanted to give you an update on my kitten, Caillou - he travelled back from the cattery in Maryland up to Connecticut in May in his lovely new pale blue Sleepypod in great comfort and style. I wanted to share one of my favourite pictures of Caillou, just peeking out to say hello.
I am sure that, once the cool autumn days arrive here, he is really going to appreciate his heated pad, and retain his status as most pampered pet in CT. Certainly, every time he has travelled to the Vet in his Sleepypod, his mode of transport has garnered compliments from the other cats, and their owners. Nothing quite like a Sleepypod, is there? Thank you again for helping ensure that the carrier arrived on time in Maryland, Lavell

Emily in Brisbane - Soba and Udon

Dan - Minni and Woody

Melanie in Florida - Mr. Wookie

Hello all,

A while ago Wookie got a "Sleepypod" and at first I looked at it and thought, "Ok what will we do with this?"

I have found at least two really great uses for it.
One is in the car. If, for any reason, I don't wish to harness Wookie into his carseat, I use the Sleepypod and he is just as safe. You can buckle the Sleepypod right in and zip it closed.
Also, if you are going to a restaurant (dog friendly of course) you can sit the Pod in a chair and your furry companion can sit in the Pod in complete comfort.

I really like our's now.

→ Read more about the Sleepypod on

Wendy in California - Cooper

Demian in California

I LOVE MY SLEEPYPODS! Or rather I love my kitties loving their Sleepypods. The last trip to the vet was awesome. My cats were so chilled out it was almost weird. All the other animals were freaking out and my cats were just hanging out and relaxing. Trips in the car and in strange places are also WAAAAAAY less stressful for me now because the babies are happy to hide in the sleepypod and watch the world go by. THANKS! This is my second pod. I recommended them to my vet and...well pretty much anyone I talk to about cats...or pets...did I mention I love my pod?

Miriam in Virginia - Chewy and Sorcia

Greg in California - Oni and Dee-Dee

Kitti in Florida - Elton

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