Jewelry Grade

LOST AND FOUND: Sleepypod Pendants are whimsical identification tags made from jewelry-grade materials. Made from100% stainless steel or 18k gold-plated stainless steel, these pendants are hypoallergenic, do not harbor germs, resist fading, and will not corrode or rust. Use Sleepypod Pendants as pet identification tags, pet carrier tags, or even as jewelry for children (and big kids, too).


  • Sleepypod pendants are thicker than standard tags
  • Stainless steel and gold are hypoallergenic and do not harbor germs because they are non-porous
  • Easy to clean and maintain because they do not absorb dirt
  • Resists fading and do not oxidize or change color over time
  • Will not corrode, rust or stain

Quality Engraving

Unlike laser engraving, our Diamond Deep Engraving does not fade.


  • Chick-small, 23.1×27.4mm 0.91×1.08″
  • Chick-medium, 28.2×33.4mm 1.11×1.31″
  • Elephant-small, 30.2×26.6mm 1.19×1.04″
  • Elephant-medium, 37.7×33.2mm 1.48×1.31″
  • Lion-small, 24.9×24.9mm 0.98×0.98″
  • Lion-medium, 31.8×32.0mm 1.25×1.25″
  • Sheep-small, 29.5×17.8mm 1.16×0.70″
  • Sheep-medium, 36.5×21.2mm 1.43×0.84″
  • Stegosaur-small, 29.4×25.6mm 1.16×1.00″
  • Stegosaur-medium, 38.1×31.3mm 1.50×1.24″
  • Whale-small, 24.8×25.8mm 0.97×1.02″
  • Whale-medium, 32.0×33.2mm 1.26×1.31″