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Luxe Layer

Cloudpuff pampers a pet with a sumptuous layer of comfort and coziness without sacrificing durability. It is made from ultra-soft plush fabric with a luxurious microfiber suede backing. Use it as a pet blanket, carrier liner, car seat cover, or couch cover.

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Double-sided for versatility with ultra-soft plush fabric on one side and luxurious microfiber suede backing. 


* Microfiber suede backing

* Polyester shearling 

* Ultra fine stitching

* Comes in 2 sizes 

* Machine washable


Medium (in inches): 18.5”L  x 14.5”W

Large (in inches): 30”L  x 21”W

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is it made of?
Cloudpuff blanket is made of polyester shearling and microfiber suede. 


How do I wash Cloudpuff?
Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Tumble dry on low heat.