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Martingale Cat Harness

Martingale Cat Harness

Escape Artists: Meet Your Match
Unique, soft and breathable mesh cat walking harness design incorporates a gentle martingale cinching feature to help prevent escape from harness and reminds pets not to pull. Laminated, triple layer mesh for better durability conforms to the body, yet is structured enough to retain its shape. Adjustable at neck and chest for added comfort and security.

Beauty in Strength

Available in five brilliant colors, the real beauty of this cat walking harness lies in its strength Durable yet lightweight so it won’t weigh your pet down. High performance components and robust stitching withstand daily use. Everyday is extraordinary.

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  • Martingale cinching feature to help prevent escape from harness
  • Adjustable at neck and chest
  • Soft, breathable polyester mesh
  • High performance components
  • Heavy duty yet lightweight
  • Robust stitching withstands daily use
  • Hand wash in cold water, hang dry

  • Small: Neck 7” - 9.5”, Chest 11" - 14"
  • Medium: Neck 9.5" - 12", Chest 14" - 18"
  • Large: Neck 12" - 14.5", Chest 18" - 21"
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