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The award winning Sleepypod is more than a bed, it's a lifestyle. It's your pet's personal space, designed to fit his or her individual needs.

Dog carrier, Cat Carrier

The beauty of the Sleepypod luxury pet carrier is its versatility. A dog that needs to be aware of his surroundings at all times can be just as easily accommodated as the cat who likes her privacy.

Most cats and many dogs associate travel with negative experiences such as a trip to the vet or the kennel. Sleepypod allows pets to travel safely in the pampered comfort of their own bed made of luxurious ultra-plush and foam alleviating the stress associated with travel and confinement in hard, plastic boxes with limited visibility.

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cat carrier

Once your pet becomes accustomed to using the Sleepypod as a ultra comfortable bed; zip Sleepypod's sturdy mesh top onto the luggage-grade ballistic nylon bed with machine washable liner and Fifi (or Fido) is ready to travel in their own bed. Strapping the seat belt around the Sleepypod turns it into a car seat in seconds. Whether it's a two-week vacation or an errand across town, you can bring your pet without putting up with a fuss from even the finickiest of furry travelers since Sleepypod is already a trusted part of your pet's life. Visit our safety page for more information about our commitment to pet your pet's safety.

Cat carrier
Pet Carrier
Luxury Pet Bed
Dog Carrier

When the temperature outside drops; the Sleepypod Warmer Kit can be installed in the pocket in the under the Ultra Plush lining and for the opposite time of year the Sleepypod Air Mesh Bedding replaces the Ultra Plush to keep your pet cool.

The stylish Sleepypod comes in six fashionista-friendly colors.

Sleepypod color chart - Jet Black, Strawberry Red, Arctic White, Dark Chocolate, Sky Blue and Blossom Pink

Sleepypod Mini was created with the active, small pet owner in mind. It has the same stress-free travel versatility as the larger Sleepypod with an added ability to fit under an airline seat.

Pet Car Seat Dog Car Seat
Cat Car Seat

Sleepypod's vision is to create innovative, well-designed, and functional products for pets that complement modern, on-the-go lifestyles. Protected by US Patent No. 7,712,437. Other patents pending.


Cat Weightup to 15lbup to 7kg
Dog Weightup to 12.5lbup to 6kg
Bed + DomeØ17×13.5"
Bed + Dome (Inside)Ø15×11.5"Ø38×28cm
Sleepypod Size

Sleepypod Mini

Cat Weightup to 7lbup to 3kg
Dog Weightup to 5.5lbup to 2.5kg
Bed + DomeØ13×11"
Bed + Dome (Inside)Ø11×9"Ø28×23cm
dog carrier

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Sleepypod in the media

"Every once in a while we get a product for review where our studio cats will barely let us get it out of the box. And while they usually like to play with the box first, they immediately were attracted to the Sleepypod.. This is an attractive and sturdy bed, as well as being very versatile, and is a big winner at Animal Radio®!" -AnimalRadio.com

"I used to have one cat that before we even stepped foot out the door with her inside she cried and howled because she hated that thing. Who can blame her? With some luck, I have found the perfect cat carrier, Sleepypod mobile pet bed" -Ecomodernmom

NBC Los Angeles-I WANT THIS- " We suppose the only question that remains is when will there be a Sleepypod for fully grown humans?"

MSNBC-Great new gadgets for pets on the go list- "The kids are in the back seat plugged into their iPods, along with the family cat snoozing comfortably in the latest Sleepypod mobile pet bed — which has been plugged into the cigarette lighter to gently heat its interior for extra feline comfort"

"This is not your typical dog carrier or cat carrier, it's an investment that your pet will appreciate forever" - Gary Lavette

Examiner.com-New crash-test- "What is important [about Sleepypod pet carriers] to note is that proper restraints will evenly and safely transmit the forces of a collision to a car seat belt system, which will result in more saved pets that utilize the Sleepypod's Pet Passenger Restraint System ."

Awards and Recognitions

Life + Dog Best in Show 2011 Doggie Aficionado 2010 Best of All Things Doggie Susie Homemaker Seal of Approval Best Cat carrier | Cat Fancy 2008 Metropolitan Home 2008 Top Cat carrier | Cat Fancy 2007 Pet safety | Bark Buckle Up 2008 Editor's choice Pet carrier |Pet Product News 2007

Pet bed, Pet carrier, Pet car seat, All in one : Sleepypod Luxury Pet Carrier

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