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Crash Replacement Program

Crash Replacement Program

Why Replace Pet Safety Restraints After an Auto Accident?


  • Sleepypod Customers

    Your Sleepypod pet safety restraint may be eligible for a replacement at no charge. Sleepypod pet safety restraints include: Sleepypod mobile pet bed, Sleepypod Air pet carrier, Sleepypod Atom pet carrier, Clickit Utility dog safety harness, and Clickit Sport dog safety harness.

  • Customers of Other Brands

    You may be eligible for a 100% discount on a Sleepypod pet safety restraint. To ensure safety, Sleepypod reserves the right to determine the safest possible Sleepypod replacement product specific for your pet’s breed, size, and weight.

  • Program Availability

    The Sleepypod Crash Replacement Program is available worldwide. Shipping fees are not included in this program.

How to Get a Replacement

We're sorry to hear about your accident and hope all is well. Please have these files and proceed to completing the accident form.