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Pet Hydration Tips When Traveling

Pet Hydration Tips When Traveling

Keeping a pet hydrated is an important but sometimes tricky endeavor when traveling. The change in routine or excitement can sometimes affect a pet’s water intake. Here are a few tips to keep them happy, healthy and hydrated. 

Freeze water before traveling:
Start with a good quality travel bowl. Avoid metal dishes as these can heat up in warm weather. Then simply freeze fresh water in the bowl and grab it as you head out the door. As the ice melts, your pet will have continuous cold water to drink.

Add water to food
Whether you feed dry or wet food, add a little extra water to make it a little soupier than usual.

Make flavored water
Pets that don’t like drinking water will often change their tune when adding flavor to it. Try adding juice from a pop-top can of tuna or sardines.

Adding ice cubes can help since many pets like to drink cool water.

Pack a straw or oral syringe
If your pet refuses to drink or eat its soupy food, you can use an oral syringe or a drinking straw to squirt some water in your pet’s cheek pouch. Don’t squirt
it down the pet’s throat as it may cause your pet to vomit, causing further dehydration.

Safe travels!