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Sleepypod Mini

Sleepypod Mini

Stress-free Travel
The same beautiful design of the Sleepypod mobile pet bed, miniaturized. Secure kittens, puppies, or toy breeds in the versatile three in one mobile pet bed small enough to fit under an airline seat.

Many cats and dogs associate travel with negative experiences such as a trip to the vet or kennel. The Sleepypod mobile pet bed allows a pet to travel safely in the comfort of its own bed, thereby reducing travel-related stress because the Sleepypod is already a trusted part of its everyday life. Just zip on the lid and you’re both ready to travel.

Certified by the Center for Pet Safety for pets 7 pounds and under. Sizing and preferences vary by pet, just like humans. Check Sleepypod’s sizing guide for more information.

Watch the Pet Travel Experts “How to Choose a Carrier” Video


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Sleepypod Mini’s round shape and cozy bedding provides the ultimate safe space for your small pet. 

Use it as a pet bed at home, then zip on the lid to transform the bed into a carrier or crash tested car seat. Buckle in Sleepypod mobile pet bed using hook and loop positioning points that secure the seat belt around the carrier. PPRS Handilock on top hook and loop strap ensures latch is secure. 

Solid base provides stability while the mesh lid provides 360 degree visibility and airflow. 

Zipper down the center of the lid provides a secondary entry and exit point for your pet. Great for pets that need a little more time to acclimate to carrier use. 

Small enough to fit under most airline seats.


* Removable lid reveals an everyday pet bed for at home or travel destinations

* PPRS Handilock secures top hook and loop handle to seat belt

* Rip-stop mesh lid resists chewing and scratching

* Dome lid provides 360 degree visibility and airflow

* Dual access from top or side

* Removable Ultra Plush bedding is machine washable

* Water repellent insert 

* Luggage grade exterior

* Adjustable shoulder strap with comfort padding

* Ergonomic zipper pulls

* Safety tether eliminates quick pet escapes in public

* Compatible with optional Universal Warmer Kit or Air Mesh hammock bedding


Sleepypod Mini

Carrier weight: 3.3 pounds

Bed dimensions: 13 (diameter) x 5 (height) inches

Bed weight: 2 pounds

Recommended for: pets 7 pounds or less

How to Use


Instructional Video
Acclimate Your Pet to Its New Carrier


How can crash test pets keep humans safer when riding in cars?
Sleepypod Mini crash test at U.S. Child Safety Seat Standard FMVSS 213
Sleepypod Mini crash test at Canada Child Safety Seat Standard CMVSS 213
Sleepypod Mini crash test at European Union Child Safety Seat Standard ECE R44

Certified and crash tested by the Center for Pet Safety

How to Use

Instructional Video
Acclimate Your Pet to Its New Carrier
Optional Accessories

Universal Warmer Kit:
Slip the plug-in Warmer Pad accessory under the Ultra Plush bedding for extra warmth at home or on the go.

Mini Air Meshhammock bedding:
Removable liner zips into the carrier, providing extra airflow during hot weather.

Frequent pet travelers will benefit from Sleepypod’s S-Clip accessory that allows you to pre-set your pet’s ideal seat belt length.

Watch the instructional video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHizbFdPFLM

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sleepypod Mini suitable for airline travel?
Some airlines may allow Sleepypod Mini. Since each airline and airplane is a little different, Sleepypod always recommends contacting the airline prior to travel, just to make sure all pet restrictions and requirements are met. 


Can Sleepypod Mini be used in the front seat?
Sleepypod recommends buckling your pet into the rear seat, just like you would a child under 95 pounds, to better ensure safety. 


Can more than one pet use the carrier at a time?
Pets can share the carrier at home, but Sleepypod cannot recommend more than one pet per carrier during travel due to the number of variables involved. Please note that it might reduce safety. 


When do I use the safety tether?
Sleepypod recommends using the safety tether only during public transit to keep your pet from escaping the carrier. The safety tether feature should not be used for car travel. Watch the Pet Travel Experts “How to Use a Safety Tether with a Pet Carrier” video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04hSN8GOkQ4


Is it necessary to replace your pet’s safety restraint after a car accident?
Just like a human seatbelt in a car accident, the material will stretch. Just a little bit of extra slack can reduce its effectiveness. Watch this Pet Travel Experts video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tS0LRNWwcc


Will Sleepypod replace my pet’s safety restraint after a car accident?
Yes, view the details of Sleepypod’s Crash Replacement Program at https://sleepypod.com/accident-replacement-program


Does the carrier have to be zipped closed all the way?
During car travel your pet should be fully enclosed to ensure safety.


How do I wash the exterior?
Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth. Mild detergent can be used, if needed. Spot test in an inconspicuous location first. 


How do I wash the liner?
Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water. Hang to dry. 


How do I wash the foam insert?
Wipe down with a damp cloth. If needed, hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Hang to dry. Ensure foam has dried fully before continuing use.


What material is the exterior?
- Luggage grade ballistic nylon that is tear and stain resistant
- Polyester rip-stop mesh
- Metal zippers with rubber pulls


What material is the bedding?
Bedding is made of polyester and nylon plush

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